How to Decant a Perfume in 2024

You have plenty of reasons to learn how to decant perfume. For one, it gives you the chance to try out different scents without going all in, financially speaking, on just one fragrance. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting into before breaking the bank.

Despite being hot with the movers and shakers of the fashion industry, decanting perfume is more than just a fad or trend. It is highly practical, cost-saving, and in demand. You can improve the portability of your favorite fragrance for when you need to hit the road.

Whether you’re a scent nomad decanting perfume to push the envelope, a thrill seeker wanting to know how to decant perfume for travel, or are keen to kickstart your very own decant perfume business, our guide here today will show you the way.

But before we get down to the exact steps, let’s talk about a few important “you-should-knows,” if you will, that I’d like to get out of the way.

Is it easy to decant perfume?

Decanting perfume is the process of transferring perfume from a larger vessel into a much smaller one. There are several ways to skin this cat, but the great news is that most of them are straightforward.

No, you don’t need a degree in chemical engineering or some other scientific background to decant perform like an expert. Just a decant bottle, a keen eye, and a knack for following instructions. It’s super simple that even an eight-year-old can do it, with guidance of course. Nonetheless, you should take extra care during the decanting proces to avoid contaminating the fragrance.

Is it legal to decant perfumes?

There’s a huge morality and legal debate around decant perfumes. One of the top questions I received a lot from entrepreneurs looking to get into this business is whether or not you’ll get in trouble with Uncle Sam for decanting perfume. I’m here to finally set the record straight: decant perfumes are perfectly legal.

Also, you do not need to seek FDA approval before getting your product to market, if that’s the end goal for you. Nonetheless, you remain liable for ensuring that your products are safe for human use.

Still, you should not decant perfume and try to pass it off as yours. This may count as a reverse trademark infringement. Be sure to also follow up on applicable federal and state laws, which vary from one region to the other.

How do you decant perfume at home? Try these:

Method 1: Spray technique

Now that we’re done with the nitty gritty, it’s full steam ahead to the good part: how to decant perfume. The spray technique involves exactly that, you spray perfume into an empty bottle.

Here are the steps to get this done:

  • Prepare a sterilized empty glass bottle (could be 100 ml, 50 ml, 10ml, or 5 ml. The ball’s in your court)
  • Direct the original bottle toward the empty bottle. Ensure the nozzle is fully within the opening
  • Spray into the new container in one firm press
  • Don’t fill the bottle all the way up. Leave ample headspace to avoid leakage
  • Optionally, you could also use an external atomizer to better control the spray and minimize wastage. You don’t need it though but it’s an idea worth entertaining

How to decant perfume without syringe

And that’s how to decant perfume into bottle. Don’t rush the process, otherwise, you’ll have lots of spillages. I also advise against trying to break the spray attachment with the view of decanting directly from the bottle. Doing so will expose a larger surface area of the fragrance to the air, which can degrade quality.


Method 2: Syringe method

I especially love the syringe method due to its ability to deliver very precise measurements. In other words, you have better control over the fragrance you’re decanting.

Here’s how to decant perfume using syringe:

  • Remove the cap to determine if the tip of the syringe (without the needle) fits the breadth. If you’re in luck, it’ll fit perfectly and you can skip the next two steps
  • Usually, the spray pipe is bigger than the syringe hole or hub. Enlarge the latter slightly using a small heated nail
  • Check to see if it fits. Otherwise, repeat the previous step until it does
  • Place your syringe over the spray pipe and hold it firmly in place
  • Pull up the plunger to extract the fragrance up to the desired amount. Inject the extract into your sterilized decant bottle

How to decant perfume using syringe

That does it for our process of how to decant perfume with syringe. Remember to leave room at the top of the decant bottle, more so if you’ll be shipping or moving it around. This extra space should cater for expansion and therefore prevent any spillages that may arise from it.

Moreover, I recommend labeling the syringe with the fragrance name if you’ll be doing a lot of decanting to avoid cross-contamination.


Method 3: Pipette method

Would you want to know how to decant perfume without syringe? In some cases, you’ll find that the perfume bottle has a non-detachable cap. It’s firmly fixed in place and you can’t take it out without damaging the atomizer. In that case, you obviously can’t use a syringe.

The good news is that there’s a simple way to work around this using a pipette (a small tube that sucks liquid when you press its bulb-like end. See the image below for reference).

Follow the steps below:

  • Unscrew the entire top or cover of the perfume and lay it aside
  • Plunge a pipette into the fragrance bottle and press the bulb to suck up the liquid
  • Empty the liquid into a clean decant bottle
  • Repeat the process until you get the desired amount, leaving just a little air space at the top

How to decant perfume without syringe

Pipettes are inexpensive to purchase, and easily available online. Some are calibrated but you can do without the measurements by simply using a specific size of decant bottle instead. When using the pipette method, time is of the essence. You need to be fast to avoid exposing the fragrance to air and contaminants for a long time. Hence, I also recommend using this technique in a safe space, away from natural light, windows, or entrances.


Method 4: Funnel method

Spraying directly into a bottle can be messy stuff so I will recommend one more solution for you that’s not just tidier but also more effective.

Go about the funnel method this way:

  • Obtain a funnel that fits your decant bottle perfectly. I recommend going for glass over plastic because it is less likely to contaminate samples over time
  • Lock the funnel in place over the decant bottle
  • Hold up the nozzle of the fragrance bottle into the funnel
  • Press firmly but stop at about at ¾ of the way full
  • Allow for the excess liquid to slip through the funnel and into the bottle. You may cover the funnel to limit environmental exposure while at it

how to decant perfume into bottle

The funnel method gets the job done and results in less waste compared to spraying directly into the bottle, but there’s still room for splashes and spills. I highly recommend using one of the syringe or pipette methods.


Method 5: Tube dispenser technique

Much like a syringe, a tube dispenser latches onto the spray nozzle and features a long snout that allows you to direct spray deep into the decant bottle. They pretty much work like an extension of a spray atomizer, with the key difference being the elongated tube that ensures you direct your spray more efficiently.

How to decant perfume into bottle

Simply unscrew the fragrance bottle’s cap, attach this special atomizer to the spray pipe, and let a rip. Try to keep the tube away from direct contact with the perfume as it fills up within the bottle to avoid drops and spillages from the tip. Efficient and fast, this technique comes in handy when you need to quickly prepare large batches.


Decant your own today

Violà! You can decant your very own perfume at home in just a matter of seconds. Use this knowledge to clone high-end designer scents and make a killing, or to create your own backup bottle to keep in your car or luggage case for when you forget or travel. I hope you found our guide today helpful. That’s it for our guide on how to decant perfume. Which method do you prefer to use and why? Do you have your own unique way of decanting perfume that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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