3 Best Trust worthies Perfume Decants Site in UK

What is the best website to buy perfume samples in the UK? This simple search phrase could lead you down a rabbit hole with thousands of search results, each claiming to be the best. If you’re spoilt for choice, or rather overwhelmed by it, I’ll guide you through right out of the bat recommending three top sites that sell perfume samples online in UK. I’ve done the legwork, assessing each of these options according to customer service experience, track record, and quality of packaging, among other factors. Make your pick:

1) Visionary Fragrance

Visionary Fragrance is a privately owned online perfume shop UK. It was born out of the childhood passion of the founder, George, and is informed by his mammoth experiences exploring the beauty of Europe and its fragrances. What kicked off as an idea to turn passion into income at the height of the coronavirus lockdown period, has today grown into a solid perfume samples company. He mixes his other love, photography, with his main interest to create the beautiful fragrance world that is his online store.

With a large inventory, Visionary Fragrance offers all types of fragrance samples from trusted brands around the globe. Its extensive product list includes:

  • Club Fragrance Discovery Set
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Authentic Night
  • Amouage Overture Man
  • Black Phantom by Killian
  • Gucci Intense Oud and many more

Where to get perfume samples uk

As far as packaging is concerned, this online store offers quantities ranging from 1 ml to 10 ml. Packaging options include a glass spray bottle or you could also opt for its plastic alternative.

Shipping the samples should take no longer than 3 business days, with the exception of Ireland, where the duration can take up to 3 weeks. You’re eligible for free shipping when the order total exceeds £50. If you order from Poland however, you just need to hit £15 to get complimentary delivery. Otherwise, delivery charges can set you back up to £5.

Visionary Fragrance is a hit on Trustpilot, averaging a near-perfect review of 4.9 stars, which is a testament to the caliber of the customer service experience. From what I could gather testing the waters, the service is as friendly and as impeccable as Trustpilot makes it out to be.

2) Fragrance Samples UK

FragranceSamplesuk is proof that from little acorns might oaks surely do grow. What started as a YouTube fragrance review channel in 2013 by founder and MD Greg Hartill has grown over the years into a formidable fragrance business. After getting tired of watching from the sidelines, Greg rolled up his sleeves and went for it, setting up a fragrance business that operates out of three locations in East England.

The store provides decants in samples of 1ml, 2ml, 3l, 5ml, and 10 ml to cater to various preferences and budgets. You’ll get your fragrance shipped to you in the form of a spray bottle, made from clear plastic.

Perfume samples online uk

So what you can expect from Fragrance Samples when you Buy perfume samples online UK? Some of the highlights of their expansive catalog, which features men, women & unisex fragrances, entail:

  • Clive Christian 1872
  • Comme des Garcons
  • Huge Boss Bottled Unlimited
  • Imaginary Authors Sundrunk
  • Naughton & Wilson Gravitas Essentia

Delivery is fast and free, for the most part, as long as your order exceeds £20. Below that, shipping charges are just under £2. You’ll get your samples within 1-2 days via Royal Mail, but if you’re in a hurry – perhaps you need a special scent for an event that’s fast closing in – you may choose to take up the next working day delivery option.

There are few better places to kickstart your fragrance journey than right here. Fragrance Samples has a near-perfect record on Trustpilot (4.8 from over 8,000 reviews) and I can say the same for the quality of its customer service, which some customers have described as “fantastic.”

3)  Perfumista

All about helping you make a more informed buying decision regarding fragrances or satisfy your curiosity about a particular scent, Perfumista allows you to sample a huge variety without having to dig deep into your pocket.

Perfumista’s name is derived from the Spanish language and means a perfumer or someone with a deep know-how of perfumery. The company is a relatively new player on the market having been founded in 2021, but it is fast becoming a household name across Europe due to the popularity of its fragrances.

You may be interested to note that Perfumista offers decants of the following popular brand perfumes:

  • Noir Extreme EDP
  • Y Le Parfum
  • Orchid Leather
  • White Patchouli
  • Manhattan, etc.

Online perfume store uk

Many people choose to buy perfume samples online UK via Perfumista because they create your sample upon request, ensuring your fragrance is as super fresh when it arrives. Shipping occurs via Royal Mail and takes between 2 – 4 business days, and you qualify for free delivery with orders above £20.

The company offers packaging via vials ranging from 1ml to 9ml, customized to reflect the company’s brand colors. Materials used therein are environmentally friendly, while you also have the option to choose special gift packages, whose aesthetics vary depending on functionality.

Perfumista passes the Trustpilot customer service litmus test, figuratively speaking, amassing a more than decent 4.3 rating. Some customers have described their experience with the brand as “very positive.”



It’s a wrap for our round-up of the best sites to purchase perfume samples online UK. You’ll be in safe hands with any pick from our list. As far as the UK market is concerned, Perfumista, Fragrance Samples, and Visionary Fragrances carry the flag highest. Where do you usually order perfume samples online in the UK? Has our compilation convinced you to switch to a more appealing store? Keep the conversation going by jotting down your comment below.

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