Decant VS Sample The difference

If you start reading this its because you looking to know the difference between perfume samples and decants, I got you covered below is our article on the difference between sample and decant.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Difference between Perfume decant vs sample

decant vs sample

Perfume Sample

A perfume sample is essentially a small portion of a particular perfume made by the manufacturer for customers to test a new perfume and sometimes they put it inside an order as a gift.

Moreover, perfume samples tend to be smaller in terms of quantity or amount a typical sample container usually holds no more than 2 ml.

Perfume decant

So what is decant perfume? To best understand the differences, we must start at the very beginning. Let’s say you buy an original bottle of perfume today right from the store.

Imagine you want to split these up into smaller portions, maybe for travel, to try out different scents, or to share the cost with a friend.

To do that, you’d get an empty container and pour a small portion of the original fragrance into it. Each of these smaller bottles would qualify as a perfume decant.

You can decant perfume through a variety of techniques such as spraying directly into a decant bottle, using a pipette, or by way of a syringe. To learn more about that, take a look at this other article I wrote on how to decant a perfume

In a nutshell, a perfume decant is when you split your perfume in different small portion, typically stored in a vial or some other significantly smaller container.

There are different bottles size for decant like 1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml.

As we know some perfume are selling at very high prices, there are some websites that sell perfume decant online, people can buy any perfume from any brand to use, if you don’t have the money to buy for example a perfume for $500 you can keep buying a 15 ml decant for less.

So, in conclusion if you are looking to try multiple brand you should opted to buy perfume decant online, don’t worry if you go to a website that sell decant and you see they mention sample, its the same thing the only main difference is sample always come from manufacturer not a third party person, if you are interested in buying a decant to try a perfume you can check here.


Are Perfume decant original?

Yes, perfume decants are original because its a portion of the full bottle

Are sample perfumes stronger?

Yes,  if the original perfume is strong so yes the sample will be the same.

Do perfume samples last longer?

Yes they do, perfume sample is a small copy of the full bottle

How many wears a perfume sample?

Uhmm, you have very wears because the main reason manufacturer provides sample is just to try a new perfume not for you to wear it every day.

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